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    Summer 2015 Edition


    Southern Heed and Hospitality by Tara McCarthy


    Remarkable Yukon Woman by Tara McCarthy


    Berwyn's Birch Syrup: From the Forest to Your Table


    Meet Jonathan Duncan, our 2015 Yukon Prospector. What stories do YOU want him to dig up?

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    Fashion Sense

    Designer Brenda Lee Asp talks about the territory's beauty Name: Brenda Lee Asp Place of Residence: Haines Junction Occupation: Fashion designer; graphic and print designer How long have you lived in the Yukon? My whole life. What brought you here? Birth! I have left the Yukon at times for training opportunities but always came back. What keeps you here? My family and the crisp morning air.  
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    Winter Rendezvous

    The Whitehorse Festival With a Long Legacy of Warming up the Season  Rolf Hougen rhymes off a list of events from 1960s versions of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival: dances, a parade, competitions, and a queen contest—festive fundamentals that have withstood the past 50 years.   “Every business employee dressed up; all the banks put in displays; there was total community support,” Hougen says of the Whitehorse affair. “They don’t do a lot of things differently now as we did back then.”  
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    Skiing Across the Juneau Icefield

    Traversing from Atlin to Juneau DISTANCE: 110 km TIME: 10 Days SKILL LEVEL: Difficult Sitting in front of the woodstove on another cold, dark night, I noticed the bottle of Scotch was nearly empty. It’s in situations like this that plans for overly ambitious adventures are formed. It hadn’t crossed my mind we could ever do it. That’s something other people do--not us. My wife and I were discussing the idea, but even the Scotch couldn’t clear my doubts. We planned to ski from Atlin, B.C., to Juneau, Alaska, at the end of March. That’s a total of 110 km across numerous glaciers on the Juneau Icefield.
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