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  • On the Road with Prospector Jon

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    Southern Heed and Hospitality by Tara McCarthy

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Yukon, North of Ordinary is the premier full-colour magazine about the Yukon Territory.  Our goal is to share the Yukon; its people, culture, history and its great outdoors with those both inside and outside of the territory.

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    The Farmers that Feed Us

    Uncle Berwyn’s Yukon Birch Syrup: From the Forest to Your Table Lyndsey Berwyn Larson learned to make birch syrup in Alaska, in 2003, and spent the next summer searching for a good birch stand in the Yukon. He found it on a south-facing slope above the McQuesten River. It took him a week to hike in. On the way he saw bears and cubs, wolves, bald eagles, and lynx—he thought he’d found God’s country.
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    The Appealing Peel

    Last summer, 10-year-old Maya Cairns-Locke and her family journeyed down the Wind River in the Peel Watershed. Maya wrote this piece not only to remember her incredible trip, but also in support of protecting the region from development. Here is the story of her summer voyage. We were midway through our trip along the Wind River when our posse got rained in and our canoeing adventure was delayed. My sisters, Kennedy and Ava, and I spent at least four hours in our tent playing cards and Battleship, reading, drawing, and giggling. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting, the downpour turned to mist and we were able to leave the tent—mostly because our mom made us. We left the next day in 30-degree weather. That would be the first of dozens of scorching-hot days.
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    Turn of the Century Entertainment

    The Frantic Follies, Whitehorse's legendary Vaudeville show, bursts with talent  
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