Cycling the Dempster Highway - Indiannika Jones' suggestion

Cycling the Dempster Highway

The Dempster has always been a dream of mine. An unpaved 740 Kilometer one-way road that crosses the Arctic Circle and ends up at 68° North in Inuvik. Sounds like quite an adventure. My partner Roberto and I were prepared with four days worth of freeze-dried food and snacks, extra strong mosquito repellent, a map (even though there is literally no way to get lost as long as you stay on the road), some bear spray and a good tent. For the Dempster we teamed up with Martine from Québec and Denise and Luzia from Germany. The more, the merrier, right? Also, the more people, the more noise - and hopefully the less bears. Because we have heard the most dreadful stories. And there we were with our fully loaded travel bicycles. Were we really ready for such a trip? I don't know. But we got started nevertheless. Taiga, tundra, bears, moose, caribou, Beringia and pure wilderness was what we were after. And we did get most of it. The Dempster adventure turned out to be one of the most challenging trips of my life - and we've started our bicycle world travel back in 2011! It wasn't only physically challenging, but also mentally. But it was worth every single drop of sweat, tears and ... well, no blood fortunately. Read part 1 on our ride up the Dempster here:

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    sounds like a great trip, hope you can enjoy many more in the Yukon!!
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