7 Things you need to know for KMBF

7 Things you need to know for KMBF


A Summer 2015 Yukon Prospector Web Extra

1. Have your tickets ready

If you haven’t already purchased a weekend pass, you are SOL. Festival Organizer Robbyn Chiles says they won’t be selling day passes this time around. Although that shouldn’t stop you from coming to the area. The Village Bakery will have a bluegrass show Friday Night, and Da Ku Cultural Centre is hosting a traditional First Nations drum and dance session all weekend.

2. Bring cash!

There is NO ATM currently working in Haines Junction. The “bank” is only open from 12-4 on the Friday, and they’ll charge you 1 per cent of your withdrawal. The gas station on your way into town will give you cash-back, but they charge $4.50. Bring cash. UPDATE: The Green Apple Grocery installed an ATM yesterday. 


3. Know where you’re staying

Part of the reason the festival was held in Whitehorse the last two years was because a by-law prevented camping in Haines Junction. The city recently slackened its grip, and allowed camping via a special permit. But the St. Elias Convention Centre is already full, and even then you need a self-contained RV to stay there. But there’s Pine Lake, which is 10km from town, or Kathleen Lake, which is 24km. Hotels and BnBs can be found here. There are also several RV sites in and around town.

4. Figure out how to wash yourself

This isn’t Coachella.  The Alcan Motor Inn has showers that can be used to scrub the bluegrass stains off your jeans. It’s $5/ person. The lakes are mighty cold, but it could be the perfect way to start your day.

5. Use your time wisely

A lot of the bands will play multiple shows this weekend, alternating between the two venues. If there’s a conflict between two you really want to see, check the schedule. You’ll probably be able to see one of them another night.

6. ByoB?  

St. Elias will be serving booze throughout the event. But Chiles says it will be “low-key”. So if you’re the type to get blind stinking drunk at a bluegrass festival, you might want to bring your own.

inside the village baker
7. Make your own music.

There will be tons of workshops all weekend. A “Beginning Fiddle for Kids” event will be held at 10 a.m. at The Village Bakery (free). Da Ku will also be hosting workshops, and on Sunday, the songs created will be played at the festival there.  There will also be a free gospel jam session on Sunday at St. Christopher’s Log Cabin. 

Correction: and early version of this story said you can't drink in public in Haines Junction. That is apparently not true. We're sure Jonathan regrets the error, although we don't know. He's been MIA since finding out. 

Story and Photos by

Jonathan Duncan 



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