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A Sense of Community


Editor's Note

This story originally ran in the Summer 2015 (V9I2) edition of Yukon, North of Ordinary.

As many Yukoners can attest, it doesn’t take long to get to know a lengthy list of people here. Especially during the flood of summer events, it’s easy to spot familiar faces in the crowd sporting volunteer shirts or reveling in local activities. Partial credit goes to the territory’s small population, but I believe it’s primarily because the Yukon is a place with a thriving, motivated, generous society. One of my first and lasting impressions of the Yukon is its inspiring sense of community.

  Of course, this place boasts picturesque vistas, history, wildlife, and sense of adventure, but at the heart of it all is an innate generosity. Visiting musicians to our various summer festivals routinely comment on the kindness they’ve experienced while in these northern parts. After immersing themselves amongst the locals for a weekend, many are quick to say the Yukon is unlike anywhere else they’ve been.

  Over the years I’ve been blown away by the number of occasions where people make things happen. They organize a successful
fundraiser for someone in need. They contribute to crowdfunding initiatives that enable Yukon organizations and individuals to reach new goals. Look at any poster around town and it’s easy to see how businesses small and large help make local events and activities happen year-round. People throughout the territory regularly volunteer their time in the name of charity, culture, arts, sports, environment—you name it. There is no shortage of examples.

  In this issue, a young entrepreneur says encouragement from the Whitehorse community helped her start a bakery business (“Venture North,” pg. 32), and planting seeds in Beaver Creek is providing locals with access to healthier food (“From Garden to Table,” pg. 64). Yukoners even opened their wallets to help a local arts co-op secure a new gallery space in Whitehorse (“Extra Ordinary,” pg. 31).

  Our photo essay (“Stories To Tell,” pg. 36) also demonstrates the incomparable northern spirit. Gary and Brianne Bremner, the duo behind GBP Creative, focus on a few Yukoners who inspire others with the work they do, goals they set, and thoughtfulness they share. And the small selection of Whitehorse-based subjects only scratches the surface—there is a plethora of people who make the Yukon anything but ordinary.


Tara McCarthy


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