Aloha Dawson!

Aloha Dawson!


A Summer 2015 Yukon Prospector Web Extra

 A Hawaiian named Mexican food truck in a historic gold rush town?  Talk about irony

  Aloha tacos is the love child of Blake Cameron, Georgia Hammond and Allie Haydock.

lo_res_aloha_sauces.JPG  They work ten hours a day in a tiny shack to bring the glorious flavours of Mexico to Dawson City.

  Olivia and I stopped by for lunch before leaving town, and chatted a bit with Blake and Georgia. 

  The two are well acquainted with the food industry.  Blake bartended at The Pit, and cooked at a few places around Dawson, while Georgia catered a concession stand at the arena.

  “But it wasn’t something I was really passionate about,” said Georgia.

 Their main goal when creating the truck was just to find jobs they were passionate about.

  “We wanted a food truck style business, and tacos weren’t really happening here,” said Georgia, when asked why a taco truck.

  It’s their second summer in business, and Blake says people are starting to know what to expect from them.  Business is good he says.

 And for good reason.  The tacos are delicious, and all recipes are created by the trio. 


  I decided to try the smoked pork taco on flour, and the chicken mole taco on corn.  The prices were two tacos for $10, with the option of adding two of either rice, beans or salad for $4 more.

  The pork had an excellent tender texture, and was nice and moist.  The flour tortilla was excellent.  Warm and soft with a bit if crispy char on the outside that paired well with the smoked pork.  Good fresh cabbage added nice texture variety to the taco. And the creamy sauce on top was cut nicely by a squeeze of fresh lime, which came on the side.  It was by far my favourite dish.

  The BBQ chicken mole was excellent as well.  Once again the meat was cooked to perfection.  Chunks of pineapple paired nicely with the slightly bitter mole sauce. I didn't get as excited about the corn tortilla, but it was well made: warm with a slight crunch and tasting fresh. 

  I opted for the “meal” add on, with salad and beans.  The salad came with a tasty vinaigrette, curled beats and carrots.  The beans were tasty as well, with a slight smoky flavour, although my blunt palette could have used a bit more salt.

lo_res_aloha_salad.JPG  My vegetarian friend Olivia ordered “The Big Salad”.  She raved about the taste, and was very happy with the $12 price, even though she was still a bit hungry after.

  "Spicy, but not too spicy," she said.  She's also German, so that probably means it's not spicy at all. 

  Vegetables are one of the harder things to get in Dawson, but Georgia said their getting over that challenge with the help of local produce growers, which will mean garden-fresh vegetables at Aloha.

  The trio will also be on the road this summer, so keep your eye out for them.

  They’ll be at the Atlin Music Festival July 10-12, and hope to make it down the Whitehorse Farmers market.

  “We’re really excited to get out there,” said Georgia.

  Blake says he wants to keep moving forward with the truck, and hopefully get into a bricks and mortar situation.

  “But small steps for now,” he said. Y

Story and Photos by

Jonathan Duncan

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    Looks DELICIOUS!
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    Looks DELICIOUS!