At the Print Shop!

At the Print Shop!

As part of our cross-country family adventure, we decided to swing by Transcontinental Printers to finally meet the people who print our magazines and to take a little tour of the print shop.  It.Was.Amazing!  As an added bonus, three of our publications--Carcross Today, The Last Great Road Trip and Abenteuer Alaska Yukon were all there going through the various stages of the printing process.  


Printing the Plates. Four plates (1 per colour cyan, yellow, magenta & black) are produced for each 4 page or 8 page section of a magazine.


Cyan Plate for Carcross Today!


The full set of plates for Carcross Today!  These are ready to go out to get loaded into the printer.


This is one of the printers.  This photo only captures the front of it, but trust me, IT IS MASSIVE!!


Then we discovered a pallet of covers for The Last Great Road Trip!


Outside and inside cover view of The Last Great Road Trip.


Covers ready for Carcross Today!


The 13 'cages' on the left all contain various parts (minus the cover) of The Last Great Road Trip. From here, it heads to the binding and cutting machine and then off to shipping.

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  • commented 2015-06-18 08:05:31 -0700
    Hi Steve,

    We print our magazines at Transcontinental Printing in Winnipeg, MB.
  • commented 2015-05-23 05:34:06 -0700
    Nice pictures. Where ist the printshop?