Editor's Note ~ Spring 2017 - Yukon, North of Ordinary

Editor's Note ~ Spring 2017


I envy those who can recall childhood memories with ease. I don’t remember many specifics from when I was only one decade old, but I do have some pop-culture recollections from that time.

  When I turned 10, I saved up my allowance to buy the first CD in my collection: Mariah Carey’s Music Box. It was 1993; films like Mrs. Doubtfire and Jurassic Park ruled the box office and the Toronto Blue Jays won their second World Series in a row when Joe Carter hit that three-run homer.

  Arguably, reaching the big 1-0 is a significant milestone in life. It’s when you start counting your years with double digits— you’re less of a kid, yet definitely not an adult. In a marriage, it’s traditionally known as the tin or aluminum anniversary (or the diamond-jewelry anniversary in modern times). And referring to it as a “decade” makes it seem like such an accomplishment.

  For the past year, our Yukon, North of Ordinary team has been thinking about the past and ruminating on the future as we’ve prepared to hit the big 1-0 ourselves. This publication started in 2007 as an idea tossed around with Air North and has turned into a welcomed presence in the seatback pocket on each flight, a fixture on newsstands across the country, and a quarterly delivery for subscribers around the world.

  Our growth and sustainability is credited not only to our industrious staff, but also in large part to our exceptional advertisers, imaginative contributors, and dedicated readers, like you.

  Many of our advertisers have believed in us since the very beginning, purchasing ad space when this publication was nothing but a concept. Some of our writers and photographers have also contributed since YNoO’s inception, providing the words and visuals to tell extraordinary stories of the Yukon’s people, environment, culture, history, and more.

  I still get excited to see readers engrossed in our latest issue on an Air North flight or picking up a copy from the newsstand. It’s
beyond satisfying to witness so many people reading what we’ve put together, renewing or starting subscriptions, and sending us a note to say how much YNoO means to them. We’re lucky to have readers of all stripes— those who live in the territory, used to call the Yukon home, or simply dream ofsomeday visiting our northern locale.

  So while my personal 10-year milestone memories have become a bit muddied over the years, we’re wholeheartedly celebrating YNoO’s 10th birthday to ensure it’s unforgettable. This issue commemorates our anniversary in a variety of ways, including our 10 best photos, our staff’s 10 favourite places throughout the Yukon, 10 lesser-known hikes, 10 local mushrooms to enjoy, and 10 essential herbal remedies.

  Plus, we’re embarking on a new decade of publications with a new business look. No longer branded as Harper Street Publishing, we’re entering this next phase as North of Ordinary Media. And, of course, we look forward to having you come along for the ride. Cheers to the next 10 years.


Tara McCarthy




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