I've got rocks in my head

I've got rocks in my head


A Summer 2015 Yukon Prospector Web-Extra 

Olivia at Bean North

Quite literally. I’ve got a darn rock in my head. 

  I was doing some work under Gertrude (the van) when a rock tumbled off the bumper and into my ear canal.

  Like most problems in my head, I’ve convinced myself that it probably isn’t there anymore. And in true adult-adolescent nature, I’ve decided to ignore it for now. Besides, I can’t feel anything in there…usually.

  I’m currently on the slow-road to Dawson so a hospital visit would have to wait anyways, there far too many awesome things to see in the meantime and the boss is a real slave driver.*

  Me and my car-companion Olivia, a beautiful/taken German girl who deigned to ride with me on the promise of a sour-toe cocktail, have been stopping often.

  First up was the Bean North Café out on Hotsprings road in Whitehorse. They have a roaster there where they cook up fair trade coffee, and it is delicious. 

  The place has a really cool vibe too, partly due to the extremely talented staff, who provide a lot of the artwork on the walls. 

  After chugging down one of the best lattés I’ve had since I arrived, we got back on the Klondike Highway heading north. 

  Our next big stop was the Breaburn Lodge, a place with more character/s than a George R.R. Martin novel.

  We got ourselves a cinnamon bun larger than my gargantuan head. It’s been with us for so long we named it Charlie.

  Likewise with the sandwiches. I had a Rueben that could choke a horse, and tasted twice as delicious (I think, I’ve never actually eaten horse).

Olivia checking out twin lakes

  All those big sandwiches and and desserts were accompanied by a girl with a big voice. Leeza Perehudoff jammed out an incredible rendition of Vance Joy’s “Riptide”. I caught the tail end of it, and I'll post the video once I get a worthy WiFi connection.

  Twenty-eight kilometers north of the lodge is a great pair of lakes. There’s a little pullout on the western side, and I’d recommend checking it out if you’ve got a kayak or canoe.  The eastern lake was pretty warm for the north, and we soaked our feet for a few minutes. It’s been a record summer in the Yukon.

  Towards the end of the day we stopped in Carmacks to grab some food, fuel and fun. The nice folks down at the Coal Mine Campground helped us out with a little water and electricity, and we were going to camp at their river-side campground for the night.

  But since we still had some daylight left we decided to check out the historic Five Finger Rapids, and Tatchum Creek Campground.

 When we pulled over to check out the rapids on a little bit of shoulder, we had the good fortune of meeting Barb and Jerry Trochinksi, 64, from Wisconsin. 


  Jerry’s a retired farmer, and he says his favourite part of the day was seeing a swan nesting on a beaver damn a bit further south on the Klondike; something me and Olivia both missed. The couple were nice enough to pose for a photo op above the rapids. 

  By the time we were done appreciating the view and chatting, all of us were pretty beat from our day, so we ended up just crashing at Tatchum Creek, which is a couple kilometers north from the rapids.

  Check out the campsite here. It’s a beautiful spot, and if you come at the right time of year you’ll see a bunch of salmon doing the dirty. Tatchum is one of their primary mating spots.

  Stay tuned here folks, today we’ll actually try to put some road under us, and get on to Dawson where I’ll indulge my cannibalistic urges…. Maybe.



*just kidding, anyone who pays me to do this stuff is a darn hero 

Story and Photos by

Jonathan Duncan 



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