In Good Company by Tara McCarthy

In Good Company

Editor's Note

This story originally ran in the Winter 2014 (V8I4) edition of Yukon, North of Ordinary.

 20140313_Tara_McCarthy_GBP_005.jpgAs the pieces came together for this issue, I noticed a common thread begin to surface. The contributors and editorial content was dominated by strong female stories and voices.

  According to statistics, females make up virtually half of the Yukon’s population. Personally speaking, I’ve come to know some incredible women throughout the North who’ve had an influence on me.

  Whether a friend, family member, teacher, or simply an acquaintance, I cannot venture to guess how many females have come into my life and left a lasting impression. Those who steadfastly climb their own career ladder. Those who enviously travel to corners of the globe on a whim. Those who build a strong, loving home, tackling the challenging yet fulfilling tasks of motherhood.

  I’m appreciative of the countless female role models in my life. I often live vicariously through the decisions they make and the leaps they fearlessly take. And I constantly admire the work they do, whether on the home front or in the workforce.

  In doing this job, I have the pleasure of collaborating with the dedicated females on our Harper Street Publishing team. Each YNoO showcases the work of our talented and innovative designer, Manu Keggenhoff, and in this issue we’ve gone even further to feature her magnificent photography in the photo essay “In The Land of Ice and Snow” (pg. 34).

  I’m grateful for our loyal contributors like Cathie Archbould and Miche Genest, who have shared their work with readers since this magazine began, as well as the many other women artists and scribes who have provided their talents. Be sure to check out the “Contributors” section (pg. 11) to read about some of the latest female writers to impart their words on these pages.

  The stories that await you in this issue celebrate women in the territory, from female entrepreneurs in our “Whitehorse Women in Business” feature (pg. 42), to a profile on artist Joyce Majiski (pg. 84), and a peek at what all-species veterinarian Dr. Michelle Oakley needs to get her unique job done (pg. 106).

  Read about a woman who grew up in Elsa during its mining heyday and then in the shadow of her father’s role in an infamous silver-ore theft (pg. 60), and find out why Gudrun Sparling has no intention of calling anywhere but the Yukon home (pg. 20).

  Most importantly, let this issue be a reminder: take a moment to acknowledge the resilient, devoted, and considerate women in your own life. Be thankful for the lessons they teach us every day.


Tara McCarthy

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