What is your best up-close-and-personal wildlife encounter?

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  • commented 2017-10-20 17:41:30 -0700
    It was on our first morning in Whitehorse. Finished breakfast at the Edgewater hotel and went for a walk along the Yukon river, there was a baby bald eagle sitting on the posts in the river looking for food. So cool, a local we met told us that it’s truly rare to see them that close to town.
  • commented 2017-09-20 15:59:02 -0700
    In fall of 2015, we rented a 28 ft RV and drove around for 2 weeks. Beautiful scenery and seeing a momma moose with her baby right on the side of the road was great. We were able to slow down and get photos from the RV without even disturbing them. The Lynx we saw was beautiful, but a bit of a scary moment as it ran out in front of us and stopped in the middle of the road. We hammered on the brakes and as we slid towards it, we could see the shocked expression on it’s face. Thank goodness we missed it.
  • commented 2017-09-20 14:20:16 -0700
    I just love it when the wildlife actually stops and poses for a photo op. Driving into Mayo, I noticed a lynx on the side of the road, instead of running away, it stopped, sat down and posed. First time I saw one up close (other than at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve) Very exciting. What a beautiful cat.
  • commented 2017-09-20 13:34:45 -0700
    I was driving north of Eagle Plains when I saw 2 ears sticking out from the ground, I backed up and pulled into the Arctic Circle pullout and this bear started walking away.
  • commented 2017-09-01 12:18:48 -0700
    In summer 1978, I hiked the Cottonwood Trail in Kluane N.P. alone, camping the first night at Mush Lake, then heading up to Dalton Pass, camping near the summit. The next morning, I headed further north, above the valley of what I believe was Shrikes Creek. I noticed something moving below and, with binoculars, saw a good-sized golden-brown grizzly sow and similarly colored cub in the willow brush, a bit east of where I wanted to go. However, they were working their way upstream, away from me, so I was not too worried.

    Then, as I was about to descend the slope to the creek, I noticed that the bears were directly below me, having moved a considerable distance downstream since I first saw them. They seemed agitated and both stood up on their hind legs, side by side – mother and cub, facing toward me, but apparently unaware of me. Unfortunately, I was too far away for a photo. Would not have wanted to get much closer anyway. Suddenly, they both went down on all fours and raced downstream, obviously scared.

    Shortly after, it became obvious what they were afraid of. A BIG mahogany colored male grizzly appeared from upstream, striding aggressively, with occasional stops to turn over sod. He passed downhill from me and stood up against a small tree, bending his legs at the knees to rub his back against it. The tree was too light to hold still against his massive weight, so he reached behind his head and held it still with a paw, so he could have a good rub. Again, unable to get a photo, but really did see it happen.

    After a while, the male went on his way and, after a good hour’s wait to let him get ahead, I descended the slope and walked downstream, yahooing loudly to alert any bears in the area. Did come across one young male (I think) which ran off, but never did see any of the original three again. Eventually made it to Kathleen Lake and back to the highway, footsore, but elated.
  • commented 2017-08-30 13:59:05 -0700
    I work for YNoO so I can’t win, but I can SHARE! One night I was driving from Carcross to pick family up off of the late Air North flight. It was October, so it was already dark out but it hadn’t snowed yet and the roads were clear.

    I came around a corner and a small, indeterminate pile of roadkill came into view of my headlights. Rather than plow over it again, I swerved slightly to go around it. Just as I swerved and passed, it turned its head and looked up at me. OWL!!!

    I turned around and then came back around so that it was in my headlights while I tried to figure out what to do. I rummaged through the car for any suitable rescue items.

    Armed with a beach towel and my daughter’s Disney bike basket, I opened the door. Amazingly the little boreal owl let me pick it up and check it over for injuries. As I held it in my hands, trying to get a better look at its legs, it took off without me so much as feeling it go and disappeared into the darkness. Then it flew back and circled overhead several times before settling on a roadside tree branch. MAGICAL!
  • commented 2017-08-30 08:01:11 -0700
    I had arrived in Dawson on my motorbike a day earlier than expected and decided to take a spin over to the Alaska border. As I neared the border I found myself confronted with hundreds of caribou crossing the highway. What a sight! I managed to get some pretty good shots off with my cellphone. I learned later that this was the FourtyMile Herd and there were possibly thousands moving through the area.

    I will never forget that experience!
  • commented 2017-08-29 06:35:12 -0700
    While backpacking with a friend in Kluane National Park, we spotted a grizzly bear early in the afternoon. We made camp that night, cooked and ate our food a good distance from our tents and left our bear barrels a good distance away while we slept. When I got up the next morning, I was puzzled when I spotted a boulder nearby that I didn’t remember seeing the day before. While looking at it, the “boulder” stretched and got up. It was the bear we had spotted the day before. I called to my friend who was still sleeping and we watched the bear as it dug up a ground squirrel nearby, sniffed out the spot where we had cooked and eaten food the night before. The bear then stopped about 50’ from where we were standing, stood up on its hind legs and looked at us curiously. It stood for a few moments just looking, then dropped back onto all fours and ambled away. I’ll never forget that moment…
  • commented 2017-08-25 18:25:10 -0700
    Every once in a while you get a chance to connect with a wild animal – to share a moment. Driving down the Mayo Lake Road one Fall. I stopped to check for cranberries at the side of the road. I was playing music on the car’s CD player and as I wanted to continue listening to it while out of the car, I opened up the windows and cranked up the volume a bit. While on the edge of the road, I suddenly became aware that while there was only one soprano singing on the CD, I was hearing a second voice singing as well. I immediately suspected I knew what I was hearing, and sure enough, when I looked up the road about 100 ft., there was a black wolf sitting there, his head tipped back howling with the music! He stopped singing, and looked at me. I was sure he said ‘What?! He then began to trot further up the road, so I got in the car and attempted to follow him to take a picture. I stopped where he had by now turned off the road and into the bush. There he was , his head turned back to look at me. We locked eyes for a moment – and then he was gone. The singer on my CD was Jackie Evancho – I think she’d be thrilled to know she’d been howling with wolves.
  • commented 2017-08-23 09:34:51 -0700
    For my 50th birthday, I took a solo motorcycle trip to remote places of the Yukon (Nahanni Range Road, The North Canol Road, Dempster Hwy, etc…). Lots and lots of wildlife encounters over my years of travel in the north. However, one incident stands out more than any other… I was riding solo on the North Canol Road (north of Ross River) and one point my helmet mounted GoPro was malfunctioning. I stopped to get off my bike to take the battery out and reset it. As I got it working, I decided to do a quick commentary and a black bear popped out the bushes RIGHT IN FRONT ME!!! I turned and ran back to the bike to hit the horn. Probably the wrong thing to do… but I was scared!! However, when I turned around the bear was gone… but it took a big dump in the road… more like a big squirt on the road. It squirted scat nearly all the way across the road. I guess I scared it as well. I had to do a self check of my own breeches. All dry. Documented on video as well here (https://youtu.be/1npgOzKbRn4?t=24m38s )
  • commented 2017-08-14 13:41:19 -0700
    Was walking home from Vanier high school on the trails behind Hyland Crescent and from the bush comes a coyote. He was in arms reach and we stared each other down for what seemed like eternity. I never moved in fear of startling him. Thankfully he lost interest and turned back the way he came. .
  • commented 2017-08-14 10:28:12 -0700
    Camped at Duo Lakes. Camp cooking and food storage a quarter mile apart

    Woke up to Griz in food. He ignored the meat and veggies. He was scared off by the pot and Dutch Oven percussion section

    Missing: six bagels
  • commented 2017-08-14 09:49:01 -0700
    Golfing at the course just outside of Dawson City is always a Yukon adventure. I have watched a raven scoop up my pretty pink ball from the fairway and fly away with it. A beautiful black fox sits waiting by the 8th hole grabbing our balls off the green and disappearing into the bush with them. A lynx once sauntered across the fairway as I teed up. A grizzly killed a baby moose and left it on the 9th hole T box cutting short our game that day.
  • commented 2017-08-14 09:27:53 -0700
    In the summer of 1972, I was working at Wolf Creek detention centre, shift work. After working the night shift, i drove out to a cabin where some friends were working in the bush for their boss. Arriving as they were just getting ready to leave for work, they told me there was a young black bear around and it had, in fact, been clawing at the siding. Now this is just a small one room cabin, about 10×12 feet with the door on one side near a corner. After my friends left, I lay down to sleeep on the couch which was against the wall farthest from the door, which i had left open because it was hot by then. After a bit, i woke with a start to find the bear inside the cabin, raiding the garbage can. I probably made some noise when i woke up(!) but luckily he knew where the door was, and he hightailed out of there!
  • commented 2017-08-14 08:28:11 -0700
    Charlie’s Angels meet young black bear: Four ladies went out to hike White Mountain and were a little off course. Once discovering this they turned around to see a young black bear on the trail. All four whipped out their bear spray looking like Charlie’s Angels. Not sure if we all let them off at once what would have happened. We decided to look big and yell at the bear. We thought he left so we walked further down the trail until we spotted a big clearing on the hill and could see the Atlin road below. We waited for awhile before a brief bush wacking down the hill to get on the road. We walked back to the vehicle but on the way, there he was sitting in the ditch waiting for us…peek-a-boo! Soon a tourist in a big motor home finally arrived and we told them our predicament. They wanted to see the bear, we said to step out as we were sure he would come again. Needless to say, a great story with a happy ending and a great Yukon story from when I lived there.
  • commented 2017-08-06 11:03:01 -0700
    I was a nurse at the Ross River nursing station, on a day off, driving out to Whitehorse . At the Emergency Landing Strip ( a lovely green field.) I saw a Grizzly ahead of me, munching away not noticing me. So, I stopped and. bravely took the camera and walked slowly ahead of my truck to get a shot, then further ahead for another one. I glanced back to check on the distance back to the truck, and there they were, two more grizzlies ,on the road behind behind it, walking towards it and me. A hell and a sprint got me back into the truck and speeding away. Later I realized that they were probably older cubs just curious about the truck and me. But I certainly didn’t hang around to find out!
  • commented 2017-08-06 09:37:12 -0700
    My family was on a fly-in hunting trip when I was 14. We spent the day hiking and climbing the mountains around our base camp in search of caribou. We were enjoying the view of the mountains around us when we saw some patches of ice/snow on the north face of a mountain across a small valley from us. There was a group of 5 or 6 woodland caribou there as well. What was interesting was that they were running to the top of the snow patch and sliding down on their bums! They’d slide down, get up, and scamper to the top and slide down again. We sat and just watched them for a long time, enjoying their play time with absolute amazement. We had no idea that caribou played like that and couldn’t bear to ruin their fun. We moved on to another area and left them to their play. It was a magical experience and we still talk about it 26 years later.
  • commented 2017-08-04 21:07:13 -0700
    I was fishing at the Hidden Lakes and caught a small Kokanee Salmon. As I went to return the fish to the lake a Golden Eagle came out of nowhere and began circling about 3 feet above my head. The eagle landed on a nearby tree and continued to watch me for around 5 minutes before flying away. Later that night I caught another fish and the same eagle suddenly appeared, again circling right above my head. Although I didn’t catch any more fish that night the eagle still followed me closely for the rest of the night, watching me from nearby trees. It was a pretty awesome experience!
  • commented 2017-08-04 20:36:15 -0700
    My best friend and I were running along the north Klondike highway, training for the Klondike road relay near girzzly valley, when we saw a grizzly bear in the ditch about 80 feet in front of us. He stood up on his hind legs sniffing; I’m sure we smelled less than fresh. There was no place for us to really go so we flagged down a car and hitched a ride past the bear…and past the large hill we were going to have to run up :)
  • commented 2017-08-04 13:57:16 -0700
    While sitting on the side of the Dempster, changing a tire, I heard something moving behind me. I turn around and there is a ground squirrel sneaking up on me. As I am jacking my truck up I suddenly feel something touching my lower back. All of a sudden I have a ground squirrel running up my back and onto my shoulder. He just sat there for a bit while I kept jacking my truck up (big truck, took a long time to jack up). Eventually the little fur ball moved down into my lap and stayed there until I finished. While changing the tire the squirrel just ran around the truck, watching me.

    When I was a child there were always chipmunks around the house so they were always friendly. You expect it then as they are used to humans. This incident on the Dempster was in the middle of nowhere though. No rest stop for miles. I don’t know how much human contact that squirrel had previously.

    It was nice having a furry friend for my unscheduled stop.
  • commented 2017-08-04 13:35:39 -0700
    The first weekend after I moved here I had a gone for a walk up the Black Street stairs and along the clay cliffs to take some photos and got the distinct feeling I was being followed. Turns out there was a coyote a few metres behind me. I stopped, somewhat alarmed but knowing not to run. He curiously walked up to me, sniffed around me and then sat down in front on me. (I have photo proof). After a few moments passed he sauntered off and was pouncing around in the snow. Amused by how dog like he acted, I threw a snowball up into the air to see what he would do. He chased after it, pounced on it and then looked back at me. I stood there for quite a while tossing snowballs up into the air and watching him chase after them. Eventually something in the trees caught his attention he wandered away.

    This seemed to be the beginning of a long list of foxes and coyotes that used to join me on my Saturday morning runs. Sauntering along behind me.