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So happy that our lovely Art Director (and photographer extraordinaire), Manu Keggenhoff, was able to join in the excitement as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visited Carcross on September 28th, 2016. Here are some of the images she captured.

We do have full resolution of these images. If you are interested in prints, please contact us in the chat box below for pricing.

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    We love Manu Keggenhoff and her work so much! A very talented and beautiful woman!
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    Some more images from the royal visit. Slideshow-resolution ... sorry ;) #RoyalVisitCanada
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    This is SO awesome! Crazy thing is that I just minutes ago, finally finished posting the few pictures which I had been able to take of Carcross when we quickly toured though as part of an excursion with Princess cruises on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016. Of course, I was gushing about what an adorable little place Carcross is when I just happened upon this link and saw your famous visitors... I'm thrilled! They're such a lovely couple & the people of Carcross are so nice!!!
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    Lori and I are so very pleased that you had such distinguished guests! The picture yesterday of Kate in the sweater with the lovely young lady and her fascinater (hat) was awesome!
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