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Soda Pony


It's good to be lighthearted

A Summer 2015 Yukon Prospector Web Extra


There’s a lot of crap going on in the world, a lot of stuff that brings us down; and while it’s important to recognize those things so we can change them, but if you’re never having any fun, you probably won’t feel up to any world-changing tasks.

  Whitehorse band Soda Pony is the type of duo that reminds you to have fun. It consists of two guys, Patrick Hamilton (22) and Aiden Tentrees (21). Both have been playing music for years. “There’s an abundance of serious stuff. It seems like a lot of [musicians], they’re having fun, but the content lyrically, they’re not having fun in that,” says Patrick.

  Lyrically, Soda Pony evokes the tone of guys like John Prine, perhaps a bit irreverent, perhaps a bit sardonic. Their song “Red Planet” does talk a bit the environment, for instance, and what’s going to happen when we destroy this planet. “The bulk of that song, if you digest it, is really all about space travel,” says Aiden. The pair love sci-fi stuff.


  And make no mistake, this is a rock band. On stage, Patrick plays drums while Aiden alternates between guitar and keyboard. They both belt out their tunes with a rough, youthful energy.

  Soda Pony has been playing around the Yukon for the last three years, but the two young members have been playing music for far longer. They’re both full times musicians, striving to support themselves through their art. “We don’t really have fame ideas, just financial ones,” says Aiden.

  Right now their “bread and butter” isn’t coming from Soda Pony, which they’d prefer. It comes from other musical ventures. Patrick just opened a music store with his dad called Hamilton and Sons, and Aiden works at the Frantic Follies doing “dancing, singing, and show stuff” he says.

  It was the duo’s first time playing Atlin as a Rock band and they were well received. People were bumping around the dance floor even during their early evening set. “I’ve found it a little bit different playing as a rock band. It’s been fun. I’m meeting the rock bands more, instead of the folk musicians I’d normally hang out with,” says Aiden.

  The pair have released their first album “Self-Titled Debut Album” (That’s actually the name of the album). 

Story and Photos by 

Jonathan Duncan


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