The First Great Road Trip

The First Great Road Trip

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“Hey _______, how about a 14 hour road trip with your boss?”  It’s a proposition that would send most people running for the medicine cabinet. Luckily mine is a pretty decent guy, who is either really laid back or strategically trying to get as much dirt on me as possible by opening up about his own past. Probably both, but I enjoyed myself more than I imagine most people would.


  Sunday, we traveled up the Alaska Highway on my  first great road trip, ironically delivering The Last  Great Road Trip. LGRT is an annual publication  showcasing everything that’s worth seeing in the  Yukon and Alaska. It gives readers a heads up on  camp sites, rest stops, restaurants and the like. It’s  free around the territory (and a few places outside it).   

   This trip was my first real taste of the famed road,  and around every bend was a new scenic  masterpiece. Tall mountains, grey and hard in the  distance, above twisting rivers speckled with tall jack  pines. Trees bent and crooked from many winters of  snow, looking like something out of a Dr. Seuss  book. Sand, sky, green… all of it wonderful and causing a sense of elation I don’t find anywhere else.

 sixhundred.JPG I also got my first real taste of Yukoners who, surprise, are pretty normal and awesome folk. More on them later, as I find interviewing people with your boss  around is a bit like wearing a thong while doing squats at the gym. But their stories are going to be the ones I most enjoy telling. Like Scott and Linda who met and fell in love after a series of mishaps. Or Roger, who does some of the most beautiful wood carvings I’ve ever seen. And there’s Jessica, who recently took over her mother and father’s restaurant, one of the first built on the Alaska Highway backin the 40’s.

 Right now though, I’m going to go for a ten minute drive, and catch enough Arctic  Graylings (I think) to fill my belly; they pretty much fight each other to get on your line down in Carcross.

Story and Photos by 

Jonathan Duncan


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