Welcome to AAMF

Welcome to AAMF


Prospector Jon gets the inside story on what to expect at this year's AAMF

A Summer 2015 Yukon Prospector Web Extra 

Ok, first things first: It’s raining in Atlin on the first day of the festival. You might want to bring some galoshes and a rain coat.   Rain + grass + tons of people usually make for a muddy affair.

  Atlin is beautiful no matter what though, and sometimes the rain is a good thing. The festival will be happening all over the city too, not just at the main festival grounds. 

  The Globe theatre, located at the corner of Pearl and Second, will be hosting musicians and playing films throughout the weekend. You can get a voucher for the musical shows on the main grounds, but you must show up twenty minutes early—these are meant to be intimate affairs sans interruption. They will also be showing films. You don’t need a voucher for the movies, just the musicians. 

  The lake stage will also be hosting concerts. If you’re looking for idyllic beauty when grooving to your favourite tunes, this is the place to be. Located right beside the Atlin Mountain Inn, look for the big white tent. 

  The main stage is located in Tarahne Park, by the corner of Sinclair and Munro. There’s camping there, as well as the Art Tent, Hot Art Spot, Youth Stage (Sinclair and Forth). This is where a lot of the action will take place. There are tons of workshops to take part in, and lots for the kids to do.

 Speaking of workshops, there’s a great list on the festivals program, which you can get for a dollar while supplies last. Kids can get their face painted, you can watch Claire Ness do an Aerial Circus Workshop, or try out printmaking, forging, felting and a whole host of skills. Heck, if you didn’t want to actually see any musicians, you’d come out of here with one heck of a list of skills.


  Unfortunately, or not, you aren’t allowed to drink publicly in BC. So keep that in mind. A ticket from the police will run you $115. However there is a beer garden by the main stage, and the Atlin Inn has a bar beside the lake stage.

  If you’re looking to get a break from the action and check out some nature there are plenty of opportunities around town.  Check out the bulletin boards to see who’s offering tours of the lake. If you head over to the Norseman RV Park, there’s a good chance you’ll see a bald eagle just chilling on a telephone pole. #justatlinthings.

Story and Photos by

Jonathan Duncan 



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