Yukoin...you've got it

Yukoin...you've got it

Optimized-Yukoin.pngHave you liked, shared, tweeted, retweeted through our social media accounts or participated here on our website?  If you have, then you definitely have Yukoin (Y$).

Y$ is a social *currency* that allows us to recognize our biggest participants and reward them with print subscriptions. At this time, more than 30 people have earned enough Y$ to enable them to *buy* a 1-year subscription.

To find out how much you've earned, just log in to our website and follow the link below. 


100Y$ buys a 1 year subscription mailed within Canada

125Y$ buys a 1 year subscription mailed to the United States

175Y$ buys a 1 year subscription mailed Internationally

Note: If you're active on Facebook or Twitter, it's best to login with the account that you're most active on. 




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