Zea Morvitz Alchemy of Collaboration, Joyce Majiski North of Myth

Zea Morvitz

Alchemy of Collaboration

California-based artist Zea Morvitz presents a series of drawings, many from herAlchemical Emblem book project, and others in collaboration with Joyce Majiski. Morvitz’s drawings are injected with her lyrical point of view and love of correspondence, be it from the often secretive 15th and 16th century Alchemical volumes or through exchanging ideas and postcards with fellow artists.

Joyce Majiski

North of Myth

North of Myth examines the space between romanticized, nostalgic ideas of the North and the lived experience of northerners. Through monoprints, drawings, photography, and installation, Majiski explores what links the circumpolar North, such as latitude, ecosystems, remoteness, and a certain resilient fragility.

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